Hygiene Assessing & Training

At AA Solution our hygienists have extensive training, both in theory and hands on experience in assessing and apply good hygiene practices in your in workplace.

Often misunderstood, hygiene both industrial and residential, is the science and art of anticipating, recognising, assessing and controlling hazards in the workplace.

It is a legal requirement under the Health & Safety Act of 1992 that hazards are identified and suitably controlled. Essential for all staff who work with food products or housekeeping in the Hospitality, Retail, Food Processing and Health sectors. We offer the following services to assist you in this requirement:

Our training courses develop and coach employees to learn how to deal with hygiene safety and their responsibilities, both from a company procure and legislative requirement. We demonstrate and teach lots of common sense techniques that are easy to learn and use, and will improve the knowledge of your employees and reduce the risk of contamination to product, employees and customers. Ensure a clean and safe working environment and learn about the most important areas that need to be monitored.