HSNO Certification

Hazardous Substances & New Organisms - HSNO

The recent changes to the HSNO legislation requires that some hazardous substances, dependent on certain criteria’s such as quantities etc, must be under the control of an ‘Approved Handler’, and a “Location Certificate” may also be required.
At AA Solutions we are please to be able to assist you in complying with these new legislative requirements, and offer the following HSNO services:


Do you require a Location Certificate or Approved Handlers?

The first step is to assess if you are complying with the HSNO legislation, at your request we can complete an assessment to identify the type and volume of hazardous substances that you have on site. We compare these to the threshold amounts, and any exemptions, and determine if certification is required.
Our report will provide you with any regulatory requirements and a timetable for implementation for these substances, such as Location Certificates, Approved Handler, Tracking requirements, and compliance with the new regulatory controls.

Approved Handler Training / Certification

AA Solutions can offer a comprehensive training course that provide practical information for everyone involved in the handling of Dangerous Goods or Hazardous Substances and is invaluable for those supervising others. It will provide candidates with knowledge of their responsibilities, obligations and liabilities under the Act and is the first step toward full certification.
We provide approved handler training and/or certification. Training is provided at your workplace, tailored to your unique specific requirements.

HSNO Controls & Substance Management.

Regardless of the quantity of hazardous substance you hold, and whether or not you require certification, you must store hazardous substances correctly in accordance with the HSNO regulations and controls.
We can assist in this requirement by either providing, or assisting you in developing your own control reports, detailing specific requirements for segregation of incompatibles, hazardous atmosphere zones, signage and documentation, PPE, secondary containment, emergency planning etc.
Our control reports are simple to implement and use, working as a checklist to ensure each of the regulatory controls that are required to be met at your site to achieve full HSNO compliance.

These reports can be used as a step by step assessment to identify specific regulatory controls relevant to your workplace, determines whether or not you comply, and advise actions required to achieve compliance. These types of reports are often used as a first step toward achieving Location Certification standard.